Depression is a thought which might make you feel lazy, negative, stressful and a lot more, it's something which is needed to be figured out and not feel ashamed of talking about..
Is depression too serious to be cured?

Thoughts which affect your routine or mental health is depression. This is a very basic definition of depression. In today’s world you ignore your mental health but focus on corporate pressure, family issues and what not. But theoretically feelings like stress, irritation, feeling low at times and getting exhausted over an average limit is depression.

Is it serious to get depressed?

Yes. Depression is a serious medical condition where its effects can be totally different depending upon individuals' will-power and mental status to carry that for long. It can also stop you from being able to function properly.

Depression can cost your relationships and even work, where your colleagues, loved ones, friends and all can find it difficult to understand your mood resulting in arguments and breaking up with specific emotional or mental relations.

Misunderstanding and ignorance to this health condition makes it more problematic. And the one suffering from this might try to hide the problems and situations, one might also feel a deep shame that you can't get over it, or you need to cheer up but you can't, you might take it as a weakness and might feel useless.

Some unknown or ignored facts about depression!

Getting depressed is never related to age, gender, nationality, region, ethnicity, or anything.

The Estimated figure of depressed individuals is around 121 million.

Men are more into depression as compared to women and they are mostly addicted or prone to abusing, alcohol or drugs.

Around one in four of us will be affected with it at some point in our lives.

According to WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION), the world's leading cause of disability by 2030 will be because of depression.

It can be recurring in an individual's life.

According to some studies, the average age calculated of getting into depression where it was found that the first episode occurs in late twenties, and also in 50 percent of humans they might experience another episode. After the second or third time, the risk of further episodes increases to 80-90 percent.

Why does the risk increase?

A pathway is created in the brain between melancholic mood and negative thoughts that spiral into depression. Those who have a history of depression this spiral can take place very quickly, where one will feel helpless and sad.

What does depression look like?

Aishwarya, who had a healthy lifestyle, with a perfect job in a MNC and a family with a kid of 9 years of age, was into pressure of meeting deadlines of office work, and also to give a best possible future to his kid and wife. He was so into stress that he forgot to take care of his health.

A woman named Ragini, 21, was so into her career and relationship that her world revolved around her boyfriend and college. She was able to maintain her college and studies but relationship made her feel low and the situation deteriorated day by day.

While seeing these two individuals they looked happy but Aishwarya lost his life and died because of some very common disease and Ragini became sad and helpless because of her boyfriend.

So, a depressed person will look like a normal one but mentally they tend to overthink and lose their mental health by stressing on things unnecessarily.

Reasons of depression:

If you will study about depression or observe people around, you will find hundreds of reasons of depression but some main reasons are:

Traumatic incident in childhood


Family troubles


Chronic stress


Life-changing events

Office pressure

There might be some chronic illness such as heart disease, back pain or cancer in your family which might cause depression but not necessarily.

Various signs of depression:

There are multiple signs such as feeling different, negative thought process, or some physical signs.

Feeling include:

Loss of self- confidence

Loss of self-esteem



Feeling helpless or hopeless maybe both

Feeling guilty or worthless




Thoughts include:

Self harm (suicidal or harming oneself)

Problem in remembering

Lack of concentration

Difficulty in decision making

Negative aspect or perception

Physical symptoms include:



Loss or increase in appetite 

Weight differences

Sexual problems

Pain or ache in different body parts

Slow reflexes


Can't sit or stand still

Treatment of depression

Though it is a serious matter which requires concern but on a positive note it can be cured within a month if you take it seriously.

Antidepressants: consult a doctor specifically psychiatrist they will prescribe some antidepressants.

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy or Interpersonal Therapy: CBT and IPT are used to treat many mental and physical health problems, depression is included. It is done mostly in 6 to 20 sessions depending on the problem. It helps in changing your way of thinking.  They also help in removing guilt and making a person more social.

Self-help treatment: doing yoga, concentration exercises, reading books, listening to music and a lot more things which help you in controlling anxiety and negativity by keeping your mind busy in some positive tasks.

Physical exercises: keeping oneself busy in something good and relaxing, changes the perception.

Specialists: for improving your working environment many individuals and groups of individuals are working where they talk to your superiors or maybe you and help in improving the conditions to reduce the work stress and also helps in working way more in a better way. One of such are Superbeings a group of 5 individuals who work to improve the work environment, who left their jobs and started working for society’s well-being.


Depression if treated wisely and detected at an earlier stage, can cause no harm but you have to come out of your fears and mindset, talk to specialists and work for it and be happy.

As the continuing COVID-19 situation keeps you at home, all the above mentioned averages can go wrong and most of you might feel depressed, so just calm your mind and stay positive. As this will not only keep you away from depression but Coronavirus can also not touch your health.