Bengaluru based company has launched an unique device to curtail COVID-19.
Bengaluru Based Organisation Develops a Virus Neutraliser

Banglore: Bengaluru company launches a COVID-19 neutraliser, this device prevents the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. Centre for Advanced Research and development (CARD) Organisation DE Scalene S-Card Campus Bangalore, is a Bangalore organisation that assures that been using the device for almost two years, to prevent the spread of all kinds of flu viruses. And in fact, it could prevent spread of the highly infectious COVID-19 virus as well, if it is installed in schools’ buses offices and police stations.

Companies are already lining up for the Manufacturing licence. This product is considered absolutely safe. Most hypo charged electrons are known to generate ozone but this particular product because of its technology does not generate ozone and therefore there is a test even to signify that it is safe. The organisation claims that the gadget called Shycocan is compliant with the US FDA and European Union standards. And some tests have shown that it eliminates as much as 99% of the virus. About seven companies have taken licence to mass produce the device and hope to launch it in the market by Independence Day.