Menstruation which still remains a taboo in many parts of the world requires care and respect to women even at their workplaces. With a similar view, food delivery company Zomato announced period leave for its female employees...
Zomato introduces 'period leaves'

Lucknow: Food delivery company Zomato has introduced 'period leaves' for their female and transgenders employees. They have introduced to this 10 day period leave in a year through a blog post. The announcement has been made by the founder and Chief Executive Officer Deepinder Goyal of Zomato. This is a great step in strengthening the women power where millions of women are forced to work even during their menstruation and menstruation is still a taboo to some. CEO Goyal said in his blog post that there should be no shame in telling to people in groups, or email that you are on period and cannot attend office. Every women should feel free to ask for a period leave for the day.

While addressing the importance of period leave, Goyal said that we have to create a community where our female employees do not feel uncomfortable with their male colleagues that they are on their period leave. He further continued, "Period cramps are very painful and are not bearable for a lot of women in our society. We have to support through it if we truly want to bulid a collaborative culture at Zomato." While explaining the reason for the decision made by the company he said that the same has been done to foster the culture of trust, truth and acceptance. Now, female employees at Zomato can avail the facility of 10 extra leaves for periods without any hesitation or shame.

The annoucement made by Zomato CEO received kudos from round the world from social media users. However, period leave has been a controversial topic since years. 

Meanwhile, a Mumbai based Media company-Culture Machine Private Limited is the first company to announce "period leaves" for their women employees in 2017. They announced the FOP (First day of period leave policy), where female employees can rightfully had a option to take leave on their First day of period.