Besides everything you must start drinking a glass of boiled water in the morning...
What should be your morning routine for a Healthy Day?

Lucknow: People are very confused about what to eat in morning diet. Some people start the day with almonds and for some their day is incomplete without a sip of morning tea or coffee. But till now very few people know what food is healthiest for a healthy day in the morning. Let's know about these for a healthy day. As of first, besides everything you must start drinking a glass of boiled water in the morning. 

Nutritionists say that for a healthy day, your day should begin with eating something light instead of eating heavy. You must start your day with almonds. Although almonds are very beneficial for healthy life. There are all necessary vitamins and minerals present in almonds. For an energised morning you must go for eating a minimum of 5 almonds in the morning. 

You can also opt a cup of green tea for energizing your day. While green tea is still less popular than the black one but it not just energizes our body but also benefits our heart and health. According to a recent study, a regular consumption of green tea can benefit people with different types of cancer including lung, breast, skin, ovarian and more.

Dates are also considered as a great source of energy. If you want to start the day with energy, then you must include dates in your diet. Plenty of nutritional elements are found in dates and it also cures many diseases. Dates are rich in fiber which strengthens the digestive system. Apart from this, dates also relieve constipation and indigestion problems. 

It is also very fruitful to eat papaya on an empty stomach in the morning. Papaya has cleansing properties and helps to cleanse the stomach. Papaya is also considered very good for the skin. You must avoid eating anything after at least an hour of eating papaya. The problem of bad cholesterol can also be assisted in overcoming by eating papaya on an empty stomach daily. 

These are some of the rich foods one should eat for a healthy day. Besides eating, you can also start exercising in the morning for half an hour. If you are not the one who loves to do exercises then you can also opt for morning walk for a healthy day.