Team Eventlope promises to fulfill all the dreams you have for your special moments. Adopting all the guidelines of Corona safety, the company is all set to bring up a "VIRTUAL PAGEANT 2020"...
Virtual Pageant 2020: a step towards destination

Lucknow:  We know its not always possible to stay groomed all the time, but for a moment which is special we always need to make it more special.

These lines fit perfectly for those moments in our life which are very special to us, such as someone's birthday, birthday or any ceremony. Doesn't it feel good when someone else cares much about our feelings as much as we do ourselves, trying to add beauty to moments in our life.

That someone is 'Eventlope', a kind of event company that understands the value of your special moments similar to how precious you think of it. Eventlope is a management company situated in Lucknow. Although there are so many similar companies but Eventlope is the one which promises to fulfill all those dreams which you have preserved for you special moments in life.

The company in 2019 was started by two simple but hardworking youngsters Ms. Neha Mathur and Mr Prasoon Mathur. The company has till yet continued its journey with a single motive, and that is stringing all the special moments of people and into a single thread with all our hearts. This is similar to treating a child in a loving way to make them realise you really are close to them. With that same belongingness, love and responsibility, the team of Eventlope makes each event memorable and this goal still continues to go on. With this, the company continues to advance its hashtag of #letchangethetrendtogether. 

A combative and hardworking team of Eventlope is fully capable of fighting every challenge, even if it is this challenging period of Corona pandemic. It is true that the corona epidemic has had a significant impact on the event companies, but not so much that it can drop team Eventlope's confidence. Even today, the company is capable of conducting social, corporate, wedding, birthdays and all other types of events. 

That makes Eventlope ready to convince people once again with the "NEW NORMAL" that it is absolutely possible to cope with whatever the trouble is by staying together. Adopting all the guidelines due to Corona, the company is all set to bring up a "VIRTUAL PAGEANT 2020".

This competition includes children right from 5 years aged to elders of 100+ as participants. This is a golden opportunity for those who are eager to see their future in the modeling industry. All the children, elderly, women, men and other sections of society which somewhere are ignored by people are also respectfully invited to the competition. There will be a total of three rounds in this competition. Contestants will be given scores based on their skills, self-confidence and other creative things. The very first round is going to take place on 22 August 2020. And that brings a further step towards the destination, and now that step is not far away.

Even better is that not only Singles but couples also can participate in this pageant organized by Eventlope. All other information will be found on the Registration link. The registration fee for Singles is Rs 200 and for couples is Rs 300.

Whenever it comes to dreaming and then fulfilling those dreams, two Urdu lines are always remembered,

कौन कहता है आसमां में सुराख़ नहीं हो सकता,

एक पत्थर तो तबियत से उछालों यारो.

(Who says there can be no hole in the sky, it's all about the passion you hurl a stone with)