A meeting was organised on Wednesday at Rajju Bhaiya Center for High Tech Information Dialogues, Nirala Nagar by Vidya Bharti's LMS wing in presence of Director Amitabh Bhattacharya to guide teachers regarding the content preparation for their app named Vidya Prabodhan; an app is to come up for competitive exam aspirants along with pre-foundation courses for which a skilled faculty is hired...
Vidya Bharti introduces online courses for competitive exam aspirants

Lucknow: Keeping in view the Covid-19 scenario, a meeting was organized on Wednesday at Vidya Bharti's Professor Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaiya) Center for High Tech Information Dialogues located at Saraswati Kunj in Nirala Nagar under the Director of Vidya Prabodhan app of Vidya Bharti's Learning Management System Amitabh Bhattacharya. The meeting was to train teachers regarding the quality of content that needs to be created for students and the protocols that are to be worked upon.

In this ongoing Corona phase, with schools having been shut down, no students are able to reach to classes and had to remain deprived of studies for a longer period now, the education has basically came to a standstill, completely unstable. With this, the Learning Management System (LMS) was introduced by Vidya Bharti in which all the live classes and recorded lectures were taken into account. Director Amitabh Bhattacharya, in the meeting, said that teachers come here at Vidya Bharti, and setup is arranged to record their live lectures. In this system, the attendance of those who are present during the live lectures time is registered and a recorded version of the lecture is also uploaded later.

For now, the Classes 9 to 12 are currently going on through this online system further Class 6 to 8 and 3 to 5 will sooner be coming up. The training for teachers was conducted regarding the type of videos to be made guiding them proper ways to record. The teachers were also guided if there's are digital presentations to be made over certain content and the basis on which projects or assignments to be given. The meeting aimed at calling upon for a systematic arrangement regarding the conduction of online academics.

The teachers were given topics, on which the PPTs and lectures will be recorded along with projects. Earlier, students were traveling out of their hometowns for competitive exams such as Kota for IIT, and others. In this current scenario, going out to pursue any of it is difficult. Students even have returned back to their towns in the pandemic and getting back to those places seems clearly impossible for them. Also, in the Vidya Prabodhan wing of Vidya Bharti, an app is to come up for which an IITian faculty is hired. IITian Professors will teach the students. This will consist of live lectures, along with recorded ones.

The following is for those who start preparing for IIT and NEET and other examinations since classes 10th, 11th and 12th. Like all other coaching institutes, Vidya Prabodhan will also provide quality guidance over a paid amount. Live lectures have been allocated for students along with special free foundation classes such as that of Communicative English and many other classes that children from Class 6 to 8 can also join.

Opportunities are present for students who are willing to study other than competitive exam content. The motive behind these pre-foundation courses is skill development. It provides clarity to students who are unable to take decisions over choice of streams after class 9th or 10th so that they can set their future goals. Pre-foundation will direct them towards a clearer perspective. Things will be taught at a beginner level in these pre-foundation courses and will later on be advanced to expert level learning after 11th and 12th.

Also, the highlight of this is availability of separate classes Hindi language for those who prefer Hindi. This feature is not yet not available in any other app.