The conspiracy to terrorize Delhi and Uttar Pradesh was thwarted by the security agencies. 
UP & Delhi on high Alert; after suspected terrorist arrest 

New Delhi: The conspiracy to terrorize Delhi and Uttar Pradesh was thwarted by the security agencies. The Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested an ISIS terrorist alive after the encounter, a huge amount of explosives have also been found with the terrorist. 

Also, the terrorist has revealed that he was a detonator for the construction of Ram temple. For this, ISIS wanted to resort to a Lone Wolf attack but their plan failed binding people's mind to know  what exactly is a lone wolf attack. 

Lone Wolf is a terrorist attack strategy related to or like a wolf. ISIS militants use it a lot. In such an attack, the terrorist attacks alone. The purpose of a terrorist is to kill more and more people. In the lone wolf attack, the terrorist uses a small weapon and attempts to crush people by firing or driving. 

There have been many big lone wolf attacks in the world. After the arrest of this terrorist, High alert in neighbouring state Uttar Pradesh has been imposed. A red alert has also been issued in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi after this event of terrorist arrest.

Previously, Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested ISIS militant Abu Yusuf in an encounter near Buddha Park on Dhaula Kuan Ringe Road on Saturday morning. Police said that the terrorist was in touch with his bosses in Afghanistan through the internet or cyberspace. Abu Yusuf and his companions had entered India to carry out major terrorist attacks. 

The Delhi Special Cell is continuously raiding several places to arrest the associates of Abu Yusuf. Also, a high alert has been declared in all the surrounding states. Delhi-Noida Border is undergoing intensive checking. Delhi Police said that Improvised Explosive Device and a weapon was recovered from Abu Yusuf with a presser cooker.