It is well said that body is the only place where we live. In fact, a healthy person has more life than an average body of a mere existence.
The Collective Failure of the Governance and We the People

Saksham Srivastava

Intern, Fores Legal Law Firm

It is well said that body is the only place where we live. In fact, a healthy person has more life than an average body of a mere existence. A healthy life is not only a word, but a state of mind and an ultimate test for not only governing body but even for those who elect the government, that is, we the people. In a democratic nation like India, failure of the health system & deprivation in the health index, clearly indicates that both, the people and their government have failed to understand the value of life and its sole purpose. It is very acceptable and undoubted fact, that a developing nation, like India, faces many resource challenges and practically it is not possible to ensure the ideal doctor-patient ratio and the vice-versa. A study has revealed that the WHO has stated, that, for every One Thousand patients there should be One licensed doctor but here in India, facts portray an entirely different image in front of us, that is Sixteen Hundred patients over One licenced doctor, and this panorama doesn’t seem to be very accolade.

Today, the whole of the world is facing a serious and catastrophic threat from a virus, termed as Covid-19 or the Coronavirus which has been originated from the city of Wuhan, in China. This virus was first diagnosed by the Chinese government in the month of December 2019 and since then the virus has proved itself to be a great threat to the human race and its existence. The virus has deeply rooted itself, around every part and corner of the world, and it seems that it has become ubiquitous which has led the whole of the human existence in a stalemate condition. The WHO has termed this crisis to be a pandemic. India too has not been left behind from the clutches of this fatal virus. On 30 th January 2020, India reported its first case due to Covid-19. It's very unfortunate, that today even after imposing several restrictions and coming out with various policies as lockdown and partial breakthrough at times, we together as a united nation, have failed to keep the situation favourable and within our clutches. The scenario is getting worse day by day. However, the government is not solely responsible for this, even the people of this nation are equally responsible forthis unwanted on-going panorama. Hence, this is a collective failure of the governance and we the people.

Another day & another peak in Covid-19 positive cases, another series of reports about the dilemma of migrant workers and labourers on the roads and inside the trucks, another day, where the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, discerning her way through the canny questions about the economy of the nation, that can no longer be set aside. Two months into this unprecedented health and economic crisis and its high time, to assess the government’s ineffective response to this calamity. In today’s world, India has emerged out as an economic powerhouse and even the whole considers the same. India has never been new to the pandemics. Millions of Indians died due to the pandemic that broke in the late 1920’s (Spanish Flu), yet even today the nation remains viciously ill-prepared and fully exposed to these catastrophic calamities. “Ache Din Aane Vale Hai” was the official slogan for our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and his government during the campaign of Lock Sabha Elections, but the ground reality is very different from that of the slogans. It is very unfortunate, that today, the nation has become so vulnerable to this pandemic of Covid-19 and all the policies of the government are becoming capricious day by day.

Let us be fair to our government, we have supported the very first initiative of the government, as the lockdown amidst this pandemic, which we all realize, was a decisive and a hard call made by the Prime Minister, especially when we were not fully prepared to fight against this perilous virus, and even the timings and the communication was left not much to be desired. We know that our responsibility towards this pandemic of Covid-19 was already delayed, but the solely the government machinery is not responsible for it, as even, we received the advisory of the threat of this virus in the late January, when we already reported our first case here in India. Global knowledge and awareness didn’t warn us for such a response. Although, we reacted faster than most of the other nations but still Covid-19 managed to seep down deep, through its transmission here in India.

A large unanticipated pandemic is bound to create a catastrophe. It could have been worse in a country like India, where medical facilities are very weak and fragile in response to such a large havoc. Indeed, the government limited itself to what could have been possibly anticipated and left the room for the genuine mistakes. Today, even the best leaders with the purest intentions will make erroneous comments but one should not only blame the government for the decisions taken by them in bonafide. However, the harsh reality clearly indicates that the government has failed the nation in coping up in the hour of need. They’re seeming to be more of clueless and incompetent in handling the economic consequences and the humanitarian crisis as well. However, there are several questions that strike our mind, like; Why the government didn’t emphasize on testing earlier? Why didn’t the government learn from the Kerala model? Did they allow their political interest to be superior than the national interest? Why the government didn’t come with any other remedy, once it became very evident that lockdown is not “breaking the chain”? Why did he persist on the lockdown as the sole remedy? What is there future strategy? And many more like these. All these questions do not divulge an easy answer and leave the country with an impression of a government that is completely lost and does not know how to admit it or even ask for the advice from the other leaders of the nation.

After all these political games were played out, the government showed the first glimpse of waking up to a medical emergency and issued an advisory for social distancing in the month of March. An announcement for setting up an economic task force was also made, apparently to monitor the economic fallout of the crisis. The government has put all its Central armed police forces on standby in battle mode and closed all educational institutions and prohibited all sorts of mass gatherings in any of the respective public places. However, there were several reasons which led to the setback of the government’s response towards this pandemic of Covid-19, which are as follows: 

 Failing health model

 Misplaced economic crisis

 Humanitarian crisis

 Effective actions delayed

 Failure to prepare for an effective strategy

 Ineffective lockdown

 More conscious about the party agenda

 Slow and inadequate agenda

 Lack of universal lessons

Today, we have crossed over 1.5 Lakh reported cases of Covid-19, around India and the situation is worsening day by day. However, as stated earlier the government is not solely responsible for this, and even the people of this nation have contributed equally in turning the circumstances into a remorseful one. Many people were and are in vanity, that they are strongly immune and can not get affected by a mere virus, and they are the ones who have been the most vulnerable of all. The public has been very reluctant in their role and that became a major cause for the hike in the reported cases of Covid-19. Whether, we call it a common-sense or call it a “self-leadership” but as the citizen of this nation, we share the same responsibility as the government, to follow up all the necessary advisories and obey the imposed restrictions made by the government in bona fide. The sacrifice, which we would make as a citizen would definitely act as a boon to protect everyone around us and across the board. The public needs to acknowledge the fact, that, the more the people flout these restrictions, the more government would tend to increase them. If we chose to confine ourselves within our home, we would surely play our vital role, in order to alleviate the number of reported cases of Covid-19.The people of this nation, urgently need to realize their role in the game of “breaking the chain” of Covid-19 and act responsibly and accordingly. They should prefer not to travel and even prevent themselves from going out from their own confinement, and dwell up wherever they are. They need to contribute and coordinate in upholding the respective policies of the government and their decisions made in bona fire towards Covid-19.

The Government of India, is taking all necessary steps to ensure, that we all are well prepared to face all the challenges and threat posed by this growing pandemic of COVID-19, or the novel Corona Virus. With the active and efficient support of the people of India, and prominent policies of the government, in response to Covid-19, we will be able to contain and alleviate, the spread of this virus in our country. The most important factor in preventing the spread of the virus locally, is to empower the citizens with the right information and taking all the precautions as per the advisories, that are issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India.