PM Modi extends his greetings on the occasion of Independence day
PM Modi extends his greetings on the occasion of Independence day

New Delhi: On the occasion of 74th Independence Day 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the tricolor from the ramparts of the Red Fort. For the seventh time as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi unfurled the Indian flag. Today, the impact of the Coronavirus crisis was clearly seen on the program of Independence Day. The government had invited a limited number of people in the wake of the epidemic. Adherence to social distancing appeared everywhere in the program. This is perhaps the first time in 74 years of independence when the country celebrated Independence Day with such simplicity. 

Due to Corona, these 4 things were missing in the Independence Day program, PM Modi also mentioned:

1 - A large number of children used to participate in the program of Independence Day. PM Modi also remembered these children sitting in the front row. After his speech, PM Modi used to go among these children and accepted his greetings by shaking hands with them. About three and a half thousand children used to participate in this program every year. Although NCC cadets were present here, but he was very disciplined. Children were not included in this program due to Corona.


2 - When PM Modi arrived to attend the Independence Day program, a mask was seen on his face. He was received by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. PM Modi followed the defense by following social distancing with the Minister of Defense.

3 - When PM Modi inspected the parade, social distancing was seen among the soldiers at that time. In the parade, the soldiers were seen standing far away under the rule of social distancing. 

4 - Every year on the occasion of August 15, the RedFort used to gather wildly crowds, there was not even space to keep a mole among the people who arrived here in large numbers. But this time the entire ground was decorated with neatly made queues.