Release of film based on Prophet Muhammad’s life gathered controversy from Islam Community; asked to put ban on its screening...
“Our Holy Prophet cannot be pictured in a film!”: Raza Academy

Mumbai: Islamic community expresses intolerance over release of a film. Raza Academy, an organisation of Indian Sufi Muslims that promote Islamic beliefs through publications and research, expressed objection over a film named “Muhammad: The Messenger of God”. Raza Academy in a tweet on Sunday showed up a letter sent to the creator of film. 

The letter was sent to Don Academy located in Vile Parle West in Mumbai demanding to stop the distribution of the film “Muhammad: The Messenger of God” as it is based on The Holy Prophet of Islam. Islam believes idolatry to be an unforgivable sin explains verse [31:13] of the Holy Quran.

A footnote in verse [31:13] of Quran explains, “How will you feel if you take care of a child, give him the best education and prepare him for life, only to see him thank someone else? Thus is idolatry; injustice.”

Raza Academy demanded to stop the distribution of the film after Don Cinema Company released a note regarding the film’s release. In the letter which was written to the Manager of Don Cinema Company of Mumbai, Raza Academy demanded stoppage of distribution of the film as it is blasphemous  and hurting the sentiments the Muslim community.

The letter also alleged the society by saying that they fail to understand why Muslim Community is always targeted in by different means to instigate it and create problems within the country. “A Muslim will die in honour than to see or hear even the slightest insult on his Holy Prophet, (Peace be upon him)” it said.

In the end, the Academy requested Don Cinema Company to stop the distribution of the film and it’s release before it creates unrest and law and order problems in the City. 

A letter was also sent to Chief Minister Udhav Thackeray by Raza Academy demanding to put a ban on film screening. Raza Academy’s Twitter account uploaded a picture of a letter and mentioned, “Raza Academy demands to stop the distribution of the film “Muhammad: The Messenger of God” based on the holy Prophet of Islam. According to Islamic beliefs, The Holy Prophet of Islam can never be pictured.

Within no much time Twitter got flooded with around 28.2k tweets with the hashtag of #BoycottFilmOnProphet. The news of the release of this film bought up an uproar in the Islamic Community and the Academy members were hampered with hundreds of calls to get it banned.

The film was in Hindi language and was slated to be released digitally on the 21st of July. The film is said to be made in Iran to be distributed in India. People objected on the point that a religion which is not allowed to make and watch films. How will it allow making a movie on beloved Prophet?

Several tweets came up arguing People found it intolerable. The film is said to have portrayed the Holy Prophet as a child and even the Mother and Father have shown in person. Makers were asked to stop it as filmography is strictly prohibited in Sharia Law.