The pilot made three rounds of the airport before the crash for saving lives by emptying fuel tank.
Kozhikode plane crash: pilot saved lives by emptying fuel tank before crash

Kozhikode: Air India pilot Dipak Sathe who lost his life along with the Co-pilot gave his best to save the lives of passengers till his last breath. Deepak Sathe’s cousin, Nilesh Sathe took to Facebook to share the information he had and the last conversation with him. He revealed that the plane took three rounds of the airport to empty the fuel tank so that the plane doesn’t catch fire when he got to know that the landing gear of the plane didn’t deploy.

He said in his post that, “...What is learned is as follows:

Landing gears didn't work.

Ex IAF pilot made three rounds of the airport to empty the fuel which saved the plane from catching fire. That’s why there was no smoke seen coming from the crashed aircraft.

He turned off the engine right before the crash.

He belly-landed after the 3rd iteration.

The rightwing was ruptured.

The Pilot martyred but saved the life of 180 co-passengers..."


Air India flight IX-1344 skidded off the runway from the Kozhikode Airport on Friday at 7.38 pm. Till now 18 passengers are reported to be dead and more than 100 have been admitted to the hospital.