India to make the world's fastest hybrid quantum computer....
India to make the world's fastest hybrid quantum computer

India is making steady progress in the field of technology. In this series, India is now going to be part of a select global club of developed countries with the potential of quantum computing. In a new initiative in this direction, the Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Council (IIT Alumni Council) has announced a shared quantum mission with Russia's leading technology intellectual property rights (IPR) owners and universities.

Agreement with Russia

A memorandum of understanding has been signed recently with Lomonosov Moscow State University and Roussoft to build the world's largest and fastest hybrid quantum computer in India. Rusoft is Russia's industry-trade body, equivalent to NASSCOM in India. The deal could pave the way for the world's fastest hybrid quantum computer to be manufactured in India. According to IIT Alumni Council President Dr. Ravi Sharma, this agreement is an important step towards transferring technology from Russia besides ensuring India's access to state-of-the-art technology.


Dr. Ravi Sharma explains, 'We have started the mission to build the world's largest and fastest hybrid quantum computer in India. This agreement with Russia is an important step towards integrating key technologies from global experts in the region. We are sure that Quantum Computer will further strengthen relations between Russia and India. Under this initiative, Russia's state-owned world-renowned companies will transfer complex modules, cryptography and modular cloud management technologies related to cryogenics to India.

Thousands of times faster than a super computer

Dr. Ravi Sharma said that the next phase of this initiative is to integrate these technologies as high speed quantum computers, connecting it to smartphones and laptops for distributed computing. It can be used to strengthen solutions to infrastructure challenges related to major problems such as health, agriculture, transport and logistics, weather forecasting and pollution. Explain that quantum computers can work thousands of times faster than modern supercomputers. This will allow faster processing of information at a relatively low cost in many key areas.


Dr. Ravi Sharma says that the quantum computer has millions of times more capacity than the supercomputers present in India. After the arrival of this technology in the country, there will be a revolution in the field of information technology. Through this, qualitative changes can be made for accurate forecasting of weather, simulation process in health and family welfare sector, advance manufacturing, agriculture and other social sectors at very low cost. It will also go a long way in research, research and manufacturing of medicine and vaccine etc.

What is a quantum computer?

Last year Google built a quantum computer. According to the available information, it works on the basis of quantum computing (superfine science) theory. It is capable of doing seemingly impossible calculations (capacity of 20 lakh thousand crore calculations in a second) in a blink of an eye. Google claimed that its quantum computer completed that calculation process within two seconds, which could take about ten thousand seconds to complete a supercomputer.