Aiming at safely conducting elections, Election Commisson on Saturday issued guidelines for upcoming elections during the Covid-19 pandemic...
EC issues election guidelines for States and UTs

New Delhi:  Important activities in Indian nation already geared up few months ago amid the disastrous  Covid-19 pandemic. General Elections and by-elections in various regions of the country are round the corners. Keeping this in view, Election Commission on Saturday issued detailed guidelines related to crucial activities which will go on prior to and during upcoming elections in various States and Union Territories during the period of COVID-19 pandemic.

The guidelines laid down strict compliance norms to be followed by Candidates and officials conducting the Elections. Those found violating the instructions on COVID-19 measures even during the campaign process will be liable to be proceeded against, as per the provisions of the Disaster Management Act, 2005. 

Not more than 5 people will be been allowed for door to door campaigning during the campaign process. The events of road shows will be deisgned in a way that the convoy should have a gap after every set of five vehicles. Along with this, public gatherings and rallies are allowed to be conducted with strict adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines.

According to the guidelines issued, Election Commission also stated that the training of election officials should be organized in a decentralized manner. The trainings were stated to be conducted in large halls. Opting to online modules of training as far as possible is also something that was being stressed upon. All necessary forms including the Nomination form will be available online on the website of CEO and DEO for the intending candidates.

Candidates can deposit the security money through online mode at the designated platform. During the filing of nomination papers only two persons and vehicles are allowed to accompany a candidate. The guidelines also say that a maximum of only 1 thousand voters should be allowed in a polling station at a given point in time instead of the current norm of one thousand five hundred voters.

The guidelines state that every person has to wear a face mask during election related activity. Thermal Scanning of all people has also been necessitated at every entry point. Sanitizers, soap and water shall be made available in the premises. Social distancing shall be maintained as per the COVID-19 guidelines of the State Government and Ministry of Home Affairs.