The first lockdown was imposed today after the public advisory was issued on Thursday. 
Complete Lockdown on sundays in MP

Madhya Pradesh: Due to the  rise in the epidemic, the state government has decided to have a complete lockdown on sundays in the entire state. The first lockdown was imposed today after the public advisory was issued on Thursday. The public advisory has also mentioned that the police officers will provide masks to all those on streets without wearing it on a payment basis. During the lockdown all markets, offices and establishments will remain closed in the state. However, the lockdown is no applicable on medical stores, hospitals and other emergency services. There is a complete restriction on an unnecessary movement of vehicles or pedestrians on street. 

The advisory have also mentioned that the violation of lockdown is punishable. This lockdown has been released under the 'Kill corona' campaign conducted by the state. State Home Minister has said that the lockdown is a need to view the increasing number of coronavirus patients. The recovery rate has gone up to 75 per cent and the decision has been taken to reduce the number of coronavirus cases in the state.

On sunday the state has observed the first lockdown but somehow few people who work daily from Monday to Saturday have certain issues with the lockdown. They have been facing problems in doing marketing for essential goods for the home as they work all six days of the week and due to the epidemic shops get closed soon. But that too they are agreeing and following the lockdown strictly. To notify, logically, lockdown on sundays is a good move to avoid the crowd on streets in a non-working day.