Mental health struggles are not always visible, it is never too late to understand the issues related to it.
Mental Health A Major Concern and Priority

Lucknow: The unfortunate demise of notable Indian actors Sameer Sharma, Anupama Pathak and Ashutosh Bhakre due to alleged suicide has made all of us rethink conversations around mental health. Meaningful steps have to be taken if we really care about mental health.

Posting stories on Facebook and Instagram is not enough to imply that one really cares for the person who is dealing with mental health issues, in fact writing down ‘I will be there for you’ is not enough. Judging people by their appearance, weight, examination marks, colour, religion, community, personality or sexuality can really affect people in a demotivating manner. It very important to stop labelling people and especially talking behind their back; behind the thing’s we see in people, is a life that we know nothing about or even can relate to the miseries of their personal life. Everyone is going through some dilemma; it is crucial to not reduce people’s lives to gossip. One should even think before trolling someone on the digital platform; it is very easy to roast or troll or make fun of someone online because we do not have to face or confront their feelings in a person. Being unkind or thinking how cool it is to be mean is selfish. Think twice before acting in this manner and avoid giving casual advice as mental health is a serious issue and to deal with this, professional help should always be recommended. There are times when we are unkind or mean to anyone, especially to our loved ones. Do better if they need help, and reach out to help if you need it. Don’t trivialize mental health as we don’t understand how tough it is for people struggling day and night with mental health.

It is not difficult to introspect our behaviour towards people who are dealing with mental health issues. We live in a world where everyone has, everyone has something to say but no one to listen. Not everyone wants advice or a solution, some just want to be heard. To listen more and being kind is not a difficult task as we all are collectively going through the toughest times as a generation. We all have our own battles to fight. Introspection is the key and we need to imbibe it.