Indian-Americans are at major focus in President Trump's new election advertisement which has recently been released on Twitter...
Trump's election committee releases first ad to woo Indian-Americans

Washington:  The United States President Donald Trump who has earlier been in highlights for not working to suppress Covid-19, worst health crisis in 100 years rather for his reelection campaign. With a view to seek favour of over 2 million influential Indian-American voters in the US, President Donald Trump's election campaign managers have released their first ad in the form of a video featuring compilation of brief clips of speeches by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Trump's historic address in Ahmedabad.

Trump Victory Finance Committee's President, Kimberly Guilfoyle, released the video ad in a tweet saying, “America has a great relationship with India and our campaign has great support from Indian-Americans!” With this use of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's relationship with Trump, the committee clearly targeted Indian-Americans. 

During the US President's visit to India in February this year, Modi and Trump addressed a huge crowd in Ahmedabad. Trump was accompanied by his wife Melania, daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner and top officials of his administration. Donald Trump Junior, the president's son who is leading the campaign, is very well connected with the Indian-American community, who also retweeted it. The advertisement soon went viral on social media.

Titled "Four More Years", the 107-second video begins with footage of Modi and Trump both walking hand-in-hand at Houston's NRG Stadium during Prime Minister Modi's visit to the US last year. Then the leaders of the two largest democratic countries of the world addressed the Indian-Americans who came in more than 50,000.

Among thousands of his supporters in America, Modi praised Trump in that speech.Alph Mason, co-chairman of the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee, has set the outline of the video.

Modi is highly popular among Indian-Americans. This same star appeal has attracted record crowds every time. His address was historic at Madison Square Garden in 2015 and again in Silicon Valley two years later, with a large number of people attending. A record 50,000 people attended his "Howdy Modi" address in Houston in September last year. 

The Biden Harris campaign wind blowing currently over the upcoming US Elections 2020 has somewhere caught eye of people. Kamala Harris, specifically being an Indian origin has received major attention which is a challenge to President Trump.