The pictures of public restrooms recently build in Tokyo have been popular on the social media, these transparent bright stalls hold the logic of cleanliness and sanitation check before even entering them...
Tokyo's transparent restrooms have a lot to say

Hong Kong:  Tokyo's new restrooms which have gathered most of the attention recently on social media have a lot to do with sanitation, safety as well as refinement of architecture. Around the globe, there is suffering over sanitation, cleanliness, or hygiene especially in public toilets. These new restrooms in Tokyo are known for their transparent walls which turn opaque as soon as one enters them.

The restrooms are bright and colorful and transparent. The logic behind these innovative rooms is whosoever needs to use them can check the safety and cleanliness without having to walk inside. These new stalls are designed by Shigeru Ban, the Pritzker prize-winning architect along with other leading designers. They are made out of an opacity-changing smart glass. This glass is already used in offices and other buildings to provide privacy when needed.

The technology behind

When occupied and locked properly, the tinted glass toilet stalls become frosted and opaque. When the door is unlocked, an electric current realigns the crystals in the glass to allow more light to pass through, creating a transparent effect. The toilets were presented as another futuristic and aesthetically pleasing example of the country's technological advancements.

The colored “smart glass” which has been used in making these stalls has an ability to turn opaque when the cubicles are occupied. Nippon Foundation while telling about the technology said the cubicles’ glass outer walls turn opaque after the door is locked, allowing prospective users to survey the interior before spending a penny. This solves the doubts of the most populations regarding cleanliness in public toilets. 

These toilets were recently opened in this month in five locations in the Shibuya neighborhood. They are a part of the Tokyo Toilet Project, organized by the non-profit Nippon Foundation. The toilets were recently opened in several public parks in Tokyo. People gave mixed responses to these innovative stalls saying that it would take time to adapt this technology. And what if they aren't locked properly and stay transparent even after we enter?

Thus is insecurity. People were worried if it becomes transparent due to some malfunction. Severaltaglines took over social media. The highlight of them was 'Loo with a view'. The stalls are continuing to catch public attention with their bright colors at daytime. They even look like lanterns at night with their beautiful lighting and colors.