Russia releases its vaccine against Covid-19 named Sputnik-V. To be effective for two years.
Russia releases Sputnik-V against Covid-19

Moscow: According to Russia's claim, it has made an effective vaccine for Coronavirus. Many countries are sceptical of the fact. Even the World Health Organization has raised doubts over Russia's vaccine.  It is being claimed that Russia hasn't yet completed the third phase of the vaccine trial, so on what basis is it claiming the success of the vaccine?  On 11 August, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian vaccine had passed all the necessary tests and it was successful in giving the body immunity against the coronavirus.  Another question regarding the vaccine is the duration of its effect. Would it be a permanent solution or have a time period of its protection.

According to the Russian news agency Toss, the scientists who developed this vaccine say that it will provide protection to the body against the corona virus for two years.  The director of Moscow's Gamalaya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology and Alexander Gintzberg of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare believes that the duration of this vaccine will be two years.  Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Health also made a similar claim.

In 1957, Russia launched the first satellite and shocked the world.  The satellite was named 'Sputnik'.  Now that Russia has launched its vaccine as the world's first effective remedy against coronavirus, it named the vaccine 'Sputnik-V' after their first satellite.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund said in its statement that the vaccine would be produced in India, Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, Cuba and Saudi Arabia.  The Russian Direct Investment Fund provided funds for the Russian Corona Vaccine Project.

According to reports, mass production of the Russian vaccine will begin.  It is expected to start in September.  Russia says it has set a target to produce 200 million doses of the vaccine by the end of this year, of which 30 million doses will be for the people of Russia.