First Indian immigrant nominated for the post of Vice-President in America.
Kamala Devi Harris has been nominated for the major ticket of Vice-President in America by Presidential Democratic Candidate Joseph R Biden.

Washington: Kamala Devi Harris is the first Asian American and first Black Woman in American history who has been nominated for the major ticket of Vice-President by Democratic Presidential Candidate Joseph R Biden.  This decision is considered to be ground-breaking, as he picks a woman of colour to be his running mate and possibly, a successor in the White House. Biden decision will actually pave the way for bringing generational and coastal balance to the democratic ticket and it also shares his centre-left politics at the time of progressive change in the society.


Harris has been serving as a senator from 4 years before she gets this nomination. Unlike Barack Obama and George W Bush who prefers veteran Washington members to be their Vice-Presidents, Biden opted for 55 years Kamala because he considered running mate not only governing partners but also political understudies of sorts.

Biden and Harris both were seen as two moderates with high political instincts, even as activist energy courses through the party and left wing challengers unseat some incumbents. Biden chooses Harris to lay excitement into his campaign, which is leading in the polls but mostly because he is the genial alternative to a divisive president who is presiding over a pandemic and economic collapse. Many were energised about this decision but there were some people who are saying that Harris will get the Presidential Bid in 2024, if Biden does not participate again. Although, Biden decision will definitely lead the pathway for Harris to become America’s first female President.

Biden is now taking direct aim at Donald Trump grievance politics by making his political mate the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants. The President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Derrick Johnson is praising the decision of Biden and also saying that Biden is prioritising the black electorate. Further, Derrick also said that now black voters see themselves in Harris and their bright future.