California wildfires which have caused a massive destruction hold a possibility to spread due to weather changes...
California wildfires possible to spread even more rapidly

San Francisco:  The massive California wildfires in the US have spread to just over a million acres in a week and destroyed thousands of homes, while firefighters continue to struggle to stop the fire. However, due to changing weather this weekend, there is a possibility of very fast spread of fire and new fire in other parts, which has put the firefighters of the state in concern.

To deal with this emergency, US President Donald Trump on Saturday made a major announcement to provide federal aid. The state's gunner, Gavin Newsom, said in a statement that the announcement would help provide housing and other social services to people in the county affected by the fire in times of crisis.

There is a possibility of new fires due to the changing weather, due to which state and local authorities have issued a warning to residents in at-risk areas to be ready to flee at any moment.Fire officials in the state said light winds, cool and more humid night weather helped fire personnel, but forecasts of hot, dry weather, strong winds and lightning could damage their efforts.

The National Weather Service has issued a warning of the danger of further fires near the Bay Area and Central Coast from Sunday morning to Monday afternoon. The massive blaze in the San Francisco Bay Area broke the old records of the second and third largest Vanagni in recent state history by size.

State fire officials said that since August 15, there have been more than 12,000 lightning strikes across the state, causing fires in more than 500 places in the forests. Of these, about two dozen fires are destroying considerable resources of the state. Fires have caused devastation to forests and rural areas in and around San Francisco's Bay Area. The fire has so far engulfed an area of ​​1,120 square miles (2,900 sq km).

The fire has devastated California's oldest state park, Big Basin Redwoods. The fire has so far claimed a total of five lives, burning around 700 houses and other structures. Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes due to the fire.