Terror attacks: time to showcase a united front !

SUKIRTI MISHRA 15/02/2019 16:02:59

Kashmir:  The beautiful valley of Kashmir saw yet another bloodshed killing 44 CRPF soldiers. The senior officials of government are concerned about the lack of surveillance on a high-level intelligence alert. 


According to army officials, there has been an increase in the local youth joining the military in recent years. The responsibility of this outrageous attack is bourne by Jaish-e-Mohammad which is a terrorist group of Pakistan. 

Extremely tragic as this incident is, it needs to be addressed unanimously. The soon to be held "democratic fest" i.e elections may prove to be a catalyst for triggering blame games among political parties. But the present scenario calls for putting up a combined effort for counter-terrorism.

 Terrorism must be dealt with a firm blow to the patrons of terror. The need of the hour is to build a strong consensus not only within the country but also involving international allies. 

Sole dependence on either the intelligence department or on forces will leave us prone to terror attacks in future also.


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