Antony Claims Sonia and Rahul never interfered in any Defence Deal

SHEKHAR UPADHYAY 31/12/2018 18:29:01


After Bharatiya Janta Parties affirmative vows that then Congress President Sonia Gandia misused agencies and was directly or indirectly involved in the Agusta Westland VVIP Helicoter deal, former defence minister A.K. Antoney comes out shielding Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi on this issue. He stated that he former and current Congress presidents had not interfered in defence deals during the UPA years.

He accused the present Central Government for the ulterior motives that are been driven under the beacon of corruption during the tenure  of UPA. He stated that it was we who had set CBI for the enquiry and as usual filed a case in Italy and won it too



Taking dig at Narendra Modi’s government he said “whenever there were allegation in media against our government regarding corruption be boldly took step to set up an enquiry and even blacklisted 5-6 powerful companies, which includes companies of America, Russia and Singapore too. This was our track record  but what is the track record of present government”

Antony’s remarks came two days after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) informed the Delhi court that Christian Michel, the alleged middleman in the VVIP chopper case, made a reference to “Mrs Gandhi” while he was being questioned and is on remand.




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