Two minors named in the FIR for violence in Bulandshahr

ANIMESH SRIVASTAVA 06/12/2018 12:50 PM


New Delhi, Dec 6: In the FIR filed for the alleged cow slaughter in Syana police station, Bulandshahr by Yogesh Raj who is the district convenor of Bajrang Dal has the name of two minor boys in it which raises the question on the authenticity of the FIR.

After the violation erupted in Bulandshahr on Monday after the rumour of cow slaughter, two men were killed by the mob including a policeman. The complaint lodged by Yogesh has names of two minor boys aged 10 and 12 years. When the police reached the house to arrest the accused, they were shocked to see the minors. The minors were taken to the police station accompanied by their father.

The father of the minors said, “The police came to our house, called us to the police station and kept us there for four hours. They took the names of the boys and took my phone number. I was told we would be called again if required.” Ridiculing the complaint, he said that, “We are facing problems due to the ridiculous nature of the complaint and the resulting confusion.”

However, in another police complaint lodged against the vandals, Yogesh Raj is the prime accused in the violence.

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