Sajad Lone would have become CM if I had consulted New Delhi: Satyapal Malik

ANIMESH SRIVASTAVA 28/11/2018 12:10 PM


New Delhi, Nov 28: Satyapal Malik, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir said on Tuesday that if he had consulted New Delhi before dissolving the assembly, he would have been left with no option, but to appoint former separatist Sajad Lone as the Chief Minister of the state.

Malik said, “I want to make it clear once again. If I had looked at Delhi, I would have had to make a government of Lone; I would have been known in the history as a dishonest man.”

However, Malik also claimed that both PDP and Lone did not have the numbers to form the government as both of them did not come forward with their MLAs to prove their majority in the house.

J&K Raj Bhavan spokesperson said that the decision of the government was unbiased and independent. He further said, “There was no pressure or any kind of intervention from the Centre in the entire matter and some News Channels are misinterpreting Governor’s statement and putting them out of context to convey that there was pressure from the Central Government.”

Former CM Omar Abdullah tweeted by reacting to Malik’s statement. He tweeted, “My compliments to Governor Malik for not looking to Delhi & for not taking their instructions thereby stopping the installation of a government of the BJP & its proxies formed by horse trading, defections & use of money.”

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