Evicted contestants make a re-entry in the Bigboss house

SHREYA 15/10/2018 16:14:48



Anup Jalota and Sreesanth who are now a day's is in mind of every inmates of the bigboss 12 house ,were evicted from the bigboss's house were supposed to take a re- entry in the house tonight .Re-entry of Anup Jalota and Sreesanth will bring another twist in the big game .Though viewers outside the house knows that they were sent to the secret room but the contestants inside the house had obviously no clues about it .It would be a shocking experience for many of the contestants in the house .According to the sources Sreesanth ignored Dipika when she came forward to shake hands with him ,also Jalota gave rude response to his partner Jasline which made her sad .From secret room Anup Jalota and Sreesanth kept a sharp eye on all the other contestants which gave them the real side of the contestants towards them .From now both of them will play smart as they have understood the stratergy of the competators. The house is all set to witness the twist of re-entry .


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