Self-styled Godman Rampal found culpable in two murder cases

ANIMESH SRIVASTAVA 11/10/2018 15:45 PM

11-Oct-20184Lv00vFl4q1New Delhi, Oct 11: Self-styled Godman Rampal has been found guilty in two cases of murder on Thursday. The verdict was pronounced by a special court set up inside the Hisar jail, Haryana because of the security issues.

Rampal and his 27 followers were charged with murder and wrongful confinement after four women and a child were found dead in his Ashram on November 19, 2014.

The quantum of punishment will be decided on October 16 and 17.

Strict security measures were taken to maintain law and order as around 2,000 police personnel have been deployed, said the officials.

Rampal was arrested in 2014 when police stormed in his office and arrested him. Following his arrest, his devotees created mayhem to stop his arrest where six people were killed and hundreds injured. His followers were armed and it took six days for the police to finally arrest him. 

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