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ANIMESH SRIVASTAVA 23/08/2018 13:25:55


In this era of survival of fittest, the most important and Herculaneum task is to keep a sound wallet in the pocket. Beyond the needs of shelter and food, the other basic necessity, say to buy a notebook and other important stationary for academic purposes outlaws the centrism of human towards sex, shelter, and food, as foreseen by Freude.

In abeyance of a completely state-backed provision of higher education for vulnerable sections, the students belonging to such sections face not only a feeling of resourcelessness but also criticisms from better financially backed peers. Universities, colleges, and other educational institutions are recently being asked to look for more self-efforted funding rather than a state-sponsored one.

At times, students are provided with laptops and bags in some target oriented policy either by
state or the centre. But a laptop of non-standard quality is not enough and demands for a mouse, a keyboard, a table, a better carry case, software updates etc.

The concept of a sound wallet thence come for the rescue. However, it is not advisable to look for a job in academic years, but apart
time or a weekend job can be considered to better the resourcefulness and the quality of education. For an instance: a student of statistics working without a statistical calculator will surely have future consequences. Since most of the basic statistical techniques are coded and conglomerated in such calculators, to weed out common human errors in calculations. To understand such technicalities it is necessary for a student to buy a statistical calculator, costing more than 700 rupees at least. But for a student from a rural background who had much difficulty in arranging the tuition fees itself would have to compromise with the education which will definitely have a conscious or unconscious compromising effect on the quality of education.

Paid internships are mostly tedious and involve a great number of hours to put in, beyond studies. It is advised to involve in such internship programmes during summer or winter break. At the end of the internship, the student is remunerated and in several cases, a concept of daily wages is often considered. Students can look for such internships online or even consult their departmental heads for the same.

Students must note that such ways to earn money are very basic and crude during academic years. They must always keep their mind in the academics and these financial gains are specific to enhance the resourcefulness in their education. One must not rely on these jobs for life and they must keep their mind concentrated with their own education. Academic years are crucial times, if lost then it is difficult to get it back on the track.


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