NRC Assam Row: 40 lakh people are not in NRC list.

SHUBHANGI SAHA 31/07/2018 18:05 PM


Delhi, 31 Jul: After the release of the final draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC) on Monday in Guwahati, 40 Lakh people peered with doubt when they found that their names were not in the draft. Out of 3.29 crore people who had filled the application of NRC in 2015, only 2.89 crore people found their name in the draft list.

When this situation came in light then from Guwahati to New Delhi all the officials started rushing to elucidate that those whose names are not in the draft list, they have the opportunity to fill their forms from 30th August to 28th September.

According to Shailesh, Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India,  “28983677 people have been found eligible for inclusion in the draft NRC out of 32991384 applicants.”

 Further, he added, “No genuine Indian citizen should have any fear or panic in regard to filling of claims and objections. We will see that a person who lacks knowledge get assistance. There will be modalities and ways where people can get some sort of assistance to fill up claim forms correctly. There will be an intensive campaign for that. Full justice will be meted out.”

Later in the evening, Registrar General revised the deadline for the final declaration of NRC list. In his order, RGI stated that, “The Registrar General of Citizen Registration, hereby notifies that, the enumeration in connection with the updation of National Register of Citizens NRC 1951, in respect of the state of Assam shall be completed within the period ending on 31 December 2018.”

Application for this technology-driven updating process that enlisted the services of over 55,000 government officials and contract workers in an exercise monitored by the supreme court started in May 2015. Exclusion of 40 lakh names from the draft list leads to a din in Parliament where Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh told the opposition not to ‘unnecessarily politicize’ a sensitive issue.

As what Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs Satyendra Garg said, when he was present at the release of the draft NRC in Guwahati “based on this draft, for no person will a reference be sent to the Foreigners Tribunal nor will anyone be sent to any detention camp. The administration is committed to law and order.”

According to Prateek Hajela, NRC state coordinator data, “40 lakh names not included as for now. 2.48 lakh people kept on hold belong to four categories, D-voter’s descendants of the D(doubtful)-voters (those who have drawn decadency from D voters), people whose cases are pending at FTs and descendants of these persons.”

The NRC of 1951 is now being updating in Assam, to include the names of those persons (or their descendants) who appear in the NRC 1951 or in any of the Electoral Rolls up to March 24, 1971, or in any one of the other admissible documents issued up to March 24, 1971.




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