Langoor dies after holding live wire in MP

SAKET SHARMA 27/07/2018 17:53:49


New Delhi, Jul 27: A langoor died of electrocution near Khargone village in Madhya Pradesh after he touched a live wire, the villagers buried the 'langoor' near the village following rituals.

The incident took place in Balwari village near Khargone district where a langoor was climbing an electricity pole and got in touch with live wire. Founding the langoor motionless an another langoor jerked, pushed and tried several other efforts for about an hour in hope of awaking him. Several other langoors stayed steady during the course of action observing the dead langoor.

Thereafter, the villagers gathered together and carried the body for the funeral. They covered the body with a red and white cloth along with flowers to bury the dead body of the langoor. The dead body of the langoor was buried outside the village premise where several people gave hands to bury the langoor.

Such incidents occur every now and then in various parts of the world that passes unnoticed by the people. Everything done by humans to facilitate themselves and their needs is nothing other than a act of cruelty towards animals. Humans have disturbed and acquired the habitat of the wild animals due to which they are refused to enter in the human settlement. These wild animals either come in contact with electrical equipments or get killed by local habitants to prevent themselves.         


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