Danforth Shooting: 10 people including a child injured, Gunman dead

VARSHA KANOJIYA 23/07/2018 11:02 AM


New Delhi, Jul 23: According to Toronto police, approximately 10 people including a child suffered injuries and the gunman is dead after a shooting incident happened on Sunday night in Toronto's neighbourhood region Danforth and Logan avenue around 10 pm.

The surviving victims including a young girl were taken to the city hospital, but the extent of their injuries was not clear. Paramedics said that the young victims were taken to the Toronto's hospital for sick children.

Witnesses in the area said that they heard between 10 to 20 shots being fired. Some of them said that they saw a gunman dressed in black opening fire on people in the area.

Police said the suspected shooter is dead, but the motive for the shooting is not yet clear.

The shooting happened on a warm summer night as hundreds of people were out on city streets enjoying the weekend.




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