Jose Mourinho is confident that world cup will boost Paul Pogba's career

PEMA CHUDEN LEPCHA 19/07/2018 15:26 PM


New Delhi, Jul 19: Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is confident that the euphoria of lifting the World Cup will provide a kick start to Paul Pogba's club career at Manchester United.

The 25- year old was the subject of criticism from some quarters for his United performances in the last season and found himself transfered to the bench at times during the second half of the campaign.

However, Pogba proved himself as a great footballer after they lifted world cup 2018  trophy in Russia, particularly in the final, when he scored  goal against Croatia.

Although Mourinho now expects to be without Pogba for the start of the Premier League season beginning from next month, the United manager  believes the midfielder will certainly be in full of energy when he reports back for club duty.

"To win the World Cup can only be a positive thing. It's difficult to say that to win the World Cup is not good for a player's career. It's amazing, fantastic," said Mourinho. He further said that, "So many good players have never had the chance to be world champions or their country is not strong enough. For Paul, I think it's the first World Cup that he has gone to and to be a world champion can only be fantastic. So I think the future for him in the French national team can only be brilliant I hope that he understands why he was so good. That's the point about his performance level and his contribution to a winning team."

"It's important for him to understand why he was so good in the second part of the competition. In the final, he was absolutely brilliant, ''Mourinho said during World Cup.



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