Triple Talaq; Woman Locked up Without Food for a Month

ANJU BUDHA MAGAR 11/07/2018 18:01:19


New Delhi, jul 11. A poor woman was first given triple talaq by her husbend over phone and then locked up in a room without food and water for a month. In Uttar Pradesh. Died on Tuesday during her medical examination.
The women, Survived by a six years old child and identified as Razia.Her sister said; Razia's husband used to beat her for dowry . 
There are reports that Raziya's husband used to same thing with his previous wife .Father Naqvi, founder of NGO Mera Haq told; Razia's husbend Nahim was married earlier and use to torture her as well.
Razia was admitted to the district hospial . After that ,transferred to lucknow for treatment but her condition was not improvable  so she was transferred back,'' said Naqvi.
The Supreme Court had struck down triple talaq on Augest 22 last year,  


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