Steven Seagal quits as the brand ambassador of Bitcoin

ANIMESH SRIVASTAVA 27/03/2018 14:02:23

Steven Seagal quits as the brand ambassador of Bitcoin-  Newstimes News

New Delhi, Mar 27: Actor Steven Seagal and the unnamed founders of the coin walked away from the project after raising over $75 million. Seagal started supporting the cryptocurrency last year by becoming the brand ambassador of the new token.

A post published on Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G) said, “From this point on Bitcoin will function within its ecosystem and become a genuinely anonymous currency with no individual or individuals having control over the entity!”

The founders of Bitcoin are still anonymous, but according to a blog, there are certain individuals affiliated with Bitcoin and there are very rich people behind it.

Seagal has yet to come with an official statement about his exit.

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