Pages of Tesla and SpaceX deleted from Facebook

ANIMESH SRIVASTAVA 24/03/2018 16:22 PM

Pages of Tesla and SpaceX deleted from Facebook- Newstimes News

New Delhi, Mar 24: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX removed the Facebook pages of both the companies after being challenged by some of his followers. Each page had around 2.6 million followers.

Musk was responding to tweets this morning, and he responded to one tweet from co-founder of Facebook-owned WhatsApp, Signal’s Brian Acton which contained the hashtag #deletefacebok.

Musk queried “What’s Facebook?” A follower later told him that he should delete the page if he is the man Musk replied to him in a sarcastically that he didn’t even know it existed and later said he would delete the page.

Another user showed him a screenshot of the facebook page of his company Tesla and prompted him to remove the page, Musk responded that he would delete it too as it looks lame anyway and later deleted that too.

Facebook is facing backlash about the privacy concerns because of the Cambridge Analytica’s data leak which meddled with the accounts of more than 50 million users for political benefits.

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