BJP district chief’s house attacked in Tamilnadu

ANIMESH SRIVASTAVA 21/03/2018 16:40:43

BJP district chief’s house attacked in Tamilnadu- Newstimes News

Chennai, Mar 21: A petrol bomb was thrown at the residence of BJP leader C.R. Nanndakumar on Wednesday morning in Coimbatore, according to the police, no one was injured in the incident.

The bomb was hurled around 3 am in the morning when Nandakumar was sleeping his house, because of the fire his car is damaged.



Heavy police force has been deployed near his residence and investigation has been started to catch the convicts. The police department is checking the CCTV footage of his house.

According to police, the attack could be against the Rath Yatra of VHP in the state which is garnering support to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya or it could be a retaliatory action for vandalizing statues of Periyar and other leaders.

This is not the first incident of hurling petrol bombs, on March 7, two petrol bombs were thrown at BJP office because of the controversial statement on Periyar given by party’s national secretary H Raja.


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