Gmail Go is now available for Android devices

ANIMESH SRIVASTAVA 16/02/2018 17:22:30

Gmail Go is now available for Android devices-Newstimes News

New Delhi, Feb 16: In addition to the line of “Go” apps, the giant tech company Google launched its latest app, “Gmail Go”.

The go apps are designed for the phones which have poor connectivity, lower end processors and basic specifications.

Go apps consume fewer data and space as compared to standard apps.

   Gmail Go

The Gmail Go will have all the basic features of the standard app such as operating multiple accounts, prioritizing the emails, push notifications, a storage of 15 GB and responding to the messages both online and offline.

But the main feature is, it will use significantly less space on the phone, consumes fewer data and photos won’t load automatically so less RAM and ROM can be used.

The Go series is a part of the marketing strategy of Google so their services will be available in the countries that largely depends on the use of devices which have lesser memory and can’t access fast internet speed.

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