22 LU students suspended, accused for misbehaving and ragging

BRIJESH CHAUHAN 07/02/2018 12:12:26

Lucknow students suspended, students suspended for ragging and misbehaving,  MBA and BBA students suspended in Lucknow university, Newstimes News

Lucknow, February 7: 22 students of Lucknow University has been suspended on charges of alleged misbehavior  and ragging in the second campus here on Tuesday.

The clash between the two groups took place on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday at the campus of University  between the students of  BBA and MBA.

Students of BBA made an accusation on the MBA students that they were involved in the ragging  with junior students, a letter of complaint has been submitted to the Anti Ragging cell of UGC

‘’Till the time the enquiry is on, the result of all 22 students will be withheld.The University  also beefed up hostel security. We asked the victims from both sides to come forward  for medical examination but no one turned up ‘’ said Vinod Singh, Proctor LU.

NK Pandey,spokesperson LU said “Our priority is to find out if this was a case of ragging. If that is true the case will be treated differently and will be handed over to the anti ragging committee”.

A copy of the complaint, submitted by the BBA students against their seniors has been forwarded to the police on Tuesday for action.

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