Russian interference in US elections is outrageous, says Nikki Haley

ANIMESH SRIVASTAVA 02/02/2018 13:57:55

Russian interference in US elections is outrageous, says Nikki Haley-Newstimes News

Washington, Feb 2: The ambassador of the United Sates in the United Nations, Nikki Haley said in a speech that, ‘’The interference of Russia in the Presidential elections is outrageous and preventive steps will be taken to stop the repetition.

   Condemning Russia

Haley condemned Russia without mincing any words.

“I have no idea what Russia expected from the American elections, but I gotta tell you, they are not happy with what they ended up with and that’s the way it should be, until Russia starts to act like a responsible country.” said Haley.

Continuing his attack, she further said that, “Since Ronald Reagan, no administration has been this much tougher on Russia. The question is not about who won, but the fact that they meddled in our elections is not a sign of a responsible country.”

Trump administration is keeping a close watch on the response of the countries which are supported by US, but they are not supporting US in the United Nations, and the foreign aid payments should go to the countries who support the country in UN to maintain good bilateral ties.

Haley spoke at a dinner at the annual Republican policy retreat.

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