Coronavirus crises: Indian Railways mulls converting coaches into isolation wards

VAMAKSHI RASTOGI 26/03/2020 12:47 PM

New Delhi: The Indian railways is contemplating to convert it's coaches into isloation wards amid coronavirus outbreak. In the view of growing numbers of coronavirus cases. 


According to the sources, the proposal of converting railway coaches into isloation wards was discussed over video conferencing by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal with Chairman Railway Board V.K Yadav, General Managers of all zones and Divisional Railway Managers on Wednesday.


Prime minister Narendra Modi nudged all the ministers in a cabinet meeting to think out of the box to combat against the deadly virus. Later, V.K. Yadav, Chairman of railway board suggested to convert coaches into makeshift hospital, equipped with medical facilities, ICU, pantry and consultancy rooms. 


As per the reports of WHO, India has only 0.7 beds per 1000 people. While, WHO mandates for at least 3 beds per 1,000 people. In the view of situation, railway ministry proposed this idea as the Railways runs 13,523 trains daily, and has now all passengers are suspended till April 14. So, the stationed trains can be used as makeshift hospital.





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