Coronavirus Outbreak: Tech giants come forward to aid in battling against COVID-19

Sukirti Mishra 23/03/2020 17:42:46

New Delhi. Mark Zuckerberg mentioned on Monday that Facebook Inc has donated its emergency reserve of 720,000 face masks, joining other tech corporations declaring aid in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Facebook Chief Executive Officer notified through his feed without mentioning the recipients.
Facebook had notably built up a stockpile of masks in case wildfires in its home state of California persisted. This is the supply which has been donated as per the FB CEO. Meanwhile, the Facebook’s Journalism Project is also contributing $1 million in grants to support news reporting around the virus outbreak.


On the other hand, Tesla Inc chief Elon Musk also mentioned that a shipment of face masks was stuck in transit. Musk has already delivered personal protective equipment to Seattle, one of the U.S regions most affected by Coronavirus. Elon Musk although did not specify as to what was holding up his latest batch of masks, but Los Angeles International Airport is one of several in the U.S struggling with logistical issues.
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd co-founder Jack Ma informed of providing emergency supplies of face masks, test kits, ventilators and protective equipment around the world. Microsoft Corp has also donated supplies to its local state of Washington to be used in pushing back against the outbreak in the Seattle area.



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