The insurance company launches Policy to Cover COVID-19 Patients Without Travel History Exclusions

VAMAKSHI RASTOGI 20/03/2020 16:00:34

Mumbai: The insurance company has launched a health benefit policy to cover all those who are tested positive with the novel coronavirus and require hospitalisation. 


The star health and and allied insurance company has launched the 'Star Novel coronavirus' policy to provide financial aid insured between 18-65 age. According to the policy, The person who is declared positive by a government accredited test and is hospitalised for the same will be benefited by the policy. The policy does not exclude any international travel history relation exclusions . Anyone up to the age of 65 can purchase the policy online or through company's agents without any pre-medical screening. The policy is available under two insured options: Rs 21000 with premium of Rs 459 plus GST and another policy comprise of Rs 42000 at premium of Rs 918 plus GST. 


The World Health Organisation had declared the virus as a pandemic and urged everyone to staf safe and avoid public gatherings. In this state if panic it is necessary to protect ourselves. According to the company's Managing Director Anand Roy this Policy has been designed to cover all those who are tested positive. It will provide help to meet their hospitalisation expenses. 





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