Madhya Pradesh: Digvijaya Singh placed under preventive arrest, Advocate Singh says all MLAs resigned of their free will

Sukirti Mishra 18/03/2020 16:04:06

Bengaluru. The Madhya Pradesh political drama took a new turn on Wednesday after Congress leader Digvijaya Singh landed in Bengaluru early morning to meet the rebel MLAs of the party who are staying at Ramada hotel. Later, police placed the senior Congress leader under preventive arrest, after he staged a sit-in outside the hotel insisting to meet the rebel legislators.


Digvijaya Singh has also asserted to move a petition in the Karnataka High Court to meet rebel Congress MLAs. Meanwhile, advocate Maninder Singh, representing the rebel MLAs in SC, stated that all 22 of the MLAs have held a press conference and declared that the decisions taken are on their own free will.
"It is wrong to say that they were kidnapped or abducted and all the allegations of coercion and force are rubbish. They resigned out of their own free will. A direction should be issued to Speaker to accept their resignation. Why is he asking for personal verification. The applicants have tendered resignation. Floor test cannot be withheld under the pretext of the applicants not being available," Singh argued in the court.


The Kamal Nath-led Madhya Pradesh government found itself in a political crisis after 22 Congress MLAs, who are suuposedly the supporters of Jyotiraditya Scindia, a former senior party leader who defected to the BJP, resigned from the party last week. The Speaker has accepted the resignation of only six MLAs of the total 22 rebel lawmakers of the Congress. Following the rebellion, the opposition BJP called for the floor test and even filed a plea in the Supreme Court even as the Kamal Nath got a 10-day break on Monday after the adjournment of the Assembly over coronavirus scare.





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