Lava launches world's first 'no internet' payment service in India

VAMAKSHI RASTOGI 13/03/2020 12:29:15

New Delhi: Smartphone manufacturer Lava, on Thursday, has launched its payment app- Lava Pay app. It is the first innovative digital payment application that does not require internet connectivity. The app also ensures safe and secure transactions. 


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Lava International's Head Product Tejinder Singh said, "We are hopeful that this non-internet payment solution will be well-accepted in the market and change the way feature phones users conduct transactions in future. Lava Pay is our contribution to help boost Digital India initiative of the Government as well as bringing financial inclusivity for a large population of the county." 


According to the company, the application will come pre-installed in all the Lava's upcoming feature phones. The application has a simple user interface. In order to pay money from the app, the users have to follow some simple steps: 
1. Simply enter the phone number of the receiver. 
2. Then enter the payment amount and at last submit passcode. Once, the transaction is completed, both the sender and the receiver will receive an SMS alert. 

Moreover, users can also check their account balance. The users of the app can also visit the nearest bank to configure the application and can start transacting.

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