Kajol: I tricked paparazzi by giving them wrong address of my wedding venue

VAMAKSHI RASTOGI 06/03/2020 17:04:29

Mumbai: The most famous couple of B-Town, Kajol and Ajay Devgan first met 25 years ago on the sets of Hulchul-1. Later in 1994 the duo started dating during shooting of the film Gundaraaj. Unlike the other couples, they never said 'I Love You'.

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When Kajol was asked in an interview about how did the couple fell in love, she told, "I was talking about him behind his back the first time I saw him.  I was ready for the shot and asked, where's my hero? someone pointed at him- he was sitting in the corner, thinking something. I bitched about him. Later we began talking on the sets and became friends. This was the turning point of my life or I can say it was the fresh start of a new journey called love." 


The couple got married on February 24, 1999. Further in the interview, Kajol disclosed that she tricked paparazzi to make sure that they did not reach the wedding venue. She said, "If I didn’t disclose the venue, they would have dug out the information from somewhere else. I thought I’d give them a wrong address so they would stop looking for it." 

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