Gujarat Women Horror: 100 women trainees clerks made to strip for "gynae-test" in Govt hospital

NP1550 21/02/2020 13:59:45

Surat. The Bhuj incident where 68 girls were paraded through college corridors to restroom to examine whether they were menstruating or not had left everybody shocked. Just a week after the ghastly incident, another atrocity on women has come light from the State-run hospital in Surat. 100 women trainee clerks of the Surat Municipal Corporation were made to stand without clothes for an extended duration, while the medics conducted the gynaecological finger test. 


The affected women reportedly arrived at the Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research for a mandatory fitness test. The women trainees were forced to stand naked in groups of 10 members in a room where their self-respect was appallingly breached. As per the source, the inside view was prevented only by a mere curtain, while the door of the room was also not shut. The doctors have been alleged of asking personal questions from the women trainee clerks, in addition to performing the disputable finger-test. The unmarried women were questioned if they had ever got pregnant. 
The mandatory fitness test is notably performed to regularise the employee's service on the conclusion of the three year term of probation. The SMC Employees Union filed a complaint with the municipal commissioners, after a few women trainees approchoached the Union. AA Shaikh, General Secretary of the Employees Union, raised demands to prohibit such insulting medical tests. Meanwhile, Ashwin Vachhani, SMIMER’s gynaecology department’s head claimed that it is mandatory for them to conduct a physical examination on the women according to the guidelines. She stated that she is unaware if such tests are performed on men but for females, there are rules to figure out specific illness and therefore physical examination is done.


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