Solar & E-Vehicles Exhibition being held in Lucknow from February 14th to 16th

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Lucknow. Biggest Solar & E-Vehicle Exhibition is being organized by IIA & supported by MNRE, Govt. of India, UPNEDA & UPSRTC from 14th to 16th February 2020, at IIA Bhawan, Ground Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. A record of More than 70 Solar & E-Vehicle Companies from all over the country will display their products & technology in this Exhibition. Special feature of this year's exhibition is the display of new products including Electric Car, Hydrogen Fuel Car Working Model, Hybrid Geezer, advance & improved Batteries for Solar & E-Vehicle Application, Solar Panels for Building Windows, Quality Solar Panels & Invertors as well as new Solar Equipment.


Inauguration of India Solar & E-Vehicle Expo was held on 14th Feb. 2020 at 12.30 pm. Energy & Additional Energy Minister U.P. Shrikant Sharma, MSME & Export Promotion Minister U.P Siddrathnath Singh & Transport Minister U.P. Ashok Kataria inaugurated the Exhibition. In the inaugural ceremony, Principal Sectary Transport & Chairman UPSRTC, Principal Secretory Energy & Chairman UPNEDA, MD UPSRTC & Director UPNEDA will also be present. Exhibition will be open from 10 am to 7 pm on all 3 days i.e. 14, 15 &16th February 2020. Entry to the exhibition is free of cost. 
One of the obstacle for use of batteries in Solar & E-Vehicles has been its quality and cost effectiveness. Discussions & solutions will be available to overcome this obstacle in the Expo. It is estimated that by the year 2024 more than 45% Vehicles in India will be operating with Electricity. In this situation the importance of efficient and cost effective batteries as well as generation of electricity through other environment friendly technics has acquired a great role. Apart from use of storage batteries Hydrogen fuel cell and Aluminum fuel cell are being used in developed countries for running the vehicles. It is a matter of great pride that two young Engineers and scientists of U.P. have developed aluminum fuel cell technology indigenously in their startup at Bangalore and they have used this technology to run a car successfully. Vice President innovations of this startup will make a presentation on the technology developed by them in the National Seminar on 14th Feb. 20 at IIA Bhawan. For running E-Vehicles charging stations will be required in large numbers. In this Expo & Seminar discussions will be held on setting up these charging stations based on renewal energy including solar energy, so that we are not required to use the energy generated through fossil fuel like Coal & Diesel etc. 
On 14th February, a National Seminar on “E-Vehicle Battery Technology & Charging Stations" was held from 10 am to 5.30 pm alongwith the exhibition. For inauguration of this seminar Transport Minster U.P. Ashok Katraria had been invited. Seminar was addressed by national level experts including Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Kakran from CECRI Tamilnadu, Dr. Prakash Barjatia From Pune, Praveen Sood from Delhi, Ansul Kumar Sharma Banglore, Gesan Raja Sr. Manager Electrical Business Unit North Tata Motors, Dr. Devraj Singh Vice President of Electronic Sector Skill Council of India, Delhi & Prof. Usha Bajpai from Lucknow. Complete information E-Vehicles will be available in this seminar. This seminar will be a one-time opportunity for all those who intend to set-up business, purchase E-Vehicles in the sector. Such opportunity will hardly be available in near future in Lucknow. 
On 15th February, a Nation Solar Conclave will be organized from 10 am to 5.30 pm alongwith the exhibition at IIA Bhawan. Energy & Additional Sources of Energy Minister U.P Shrikant Sharma has been invited to inaugurate the Seminar. In this Seminar the topics to be covered will include investment opportunities in solar power sector, new technologies & products in solar power sector, Quality & maintenance of Solar power plants, financing options for setting up solar power plants. Cost benefits analysis for setting up solar power plants etc. To address these topics national level experts include Dr. Yogesh Kumar Singh National Institute of Solar Energy, Prof. Usha Bajpai Consultant to Adani Group, Abhilak Singh Managing Director of Bareja Solar Delhi, Anil Bareja Director UPNEDA, Bhawani Singh Khangrot Director Easy Solar, Lokesh Bats Renewal Energy Consultant, Dr. S.C. Bajpai Director Sunled Energy, Vikas Gupta, Zonal Head UCO Bank, O.P. Verma and representative of SIDBI will give the presentations. Special focus will also be on "Kusum Yojana" for use of Solar Power by the farmers for doubling their income. This Conclave will be highly beneficial for those who want to invest in Solar Power sector as well as who intend to set up Solar Power Plants for personal use.

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