Fire broke out again at Delhi's Anaj Mandi factory, where 43 people were killed Sunday morning

NP1550 09/12/2019 11:07 AM

New Delhi. Minor fire broke out once again from Delhi's Anaj Mandi factory where massive fire killed 43 people Sunday morning. As per the reports, four fire tenders were rushed to the factory building. At least 43 people, mostly labourers, were killed in a massive fire that broke out in the same factory building on Sunday. Delhi Fire Service (DFS) chief Atul Garg told sources it was a small fire and controlled quickly after people sounded an early alarm.  


Some material stacked inside the building caught fire. However, the situation was brought under control within 20 minutes, officials said. An early morning fire in a five-storey residential building, which had several illegal manufacturing units running out of it, claimed the lives of 43 labourers, including at least 5 minors, on Sunday. The Delhi Fire Service, which received a call at 5.20 am, spent the next five hours pulling out more than 60 people, most of whom were asleep at the time the fire broke out. 


The fire department mentioned that it was one of the worst fire accidents in the national capital. An FIR registered by police states the factories were located illegally on residential premises. DFS director Atul Garg said the fire was possibly caused by an electrical short circuit on the second floor and spread quickly upwards. Most of those who died were sleeping on the second and third floors of the building. 




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