#NewstimesNewsHour: Russian security agencies on a mission to destroy Europe

SUKIRTI MISHRA 09/10/2019 14:39:09

Washington. Russia through its Secret Agency- Russia Intelligence Services, is trying to instil instability in Europe. As per the intelligence officers of Western Countries, the secret agents of Russia are engaged in activities including murders and overthrowing governments in European countries. 


►Russian security agency instilling instability in Europe
As per the intel officers, Russia started its mission of creating instability first of all from Moldova, Eastern Europe (earlier a part of Soviet Republic). This was followed by poisoning a weapons' dealer in Bulgaria. The officers alleged Russia of overthrowing government in Montenegro, South-Eastern Europe. A case of poisoning a Russian secret agent in Britain came into limelight last year. The officials initially considered it as separate cases but the analysis conducted later on revealed that all these cases were linked together. The sources reveal that these incidents were executed by the prime security agency of Russia, with the sole purpose of instablising Europe. This secret agency has been identified as Unit 29155. 


►Russian Security Agency- Unit 29155
Apparently, Unit 29155 has been functioning since a decade, yet the Western officials became aware of its existence recently. If the intel officers are to be believed, this unit aims at completing Russian President Vladimir Putin's mission against Western Countries. As per the sources, the mission includes, hacking attacks, fake news propoganda, incumbency against Western countries. Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary for the President of Russia, on being quizzed for the same asked to question the Russian Defence Ministry. Meanwhile, Russian Defence Ministry has not released any statement so far. 


►Unit 29155 works under GRU
Unit 29155 works under the Russian secret agency-GRU. The unit includes former military officials who have fought for Russia in Chechnya, Afghanistan and Ukraine. The missions of Unit 29155 are kept secret even from the other agents of GRU. In the Munich Security Council of February, the chief of Britain's secret agency MI6- Alex Younger had warned about the impending threat from Russia. 









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