UNHRC session begins in Geneva: India & Pakistan to fight it out on J&K

SUKIRTI MISHRA 09/09/2019 13:26 PM

New Delhi. The 42nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has commenced from Monday Sept 9 and will continue till 13 in Geneva. Ahead of the session, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India, had engaged with all the 47 member nations of UNHRC to ponder upon the Kashmir issue. While India will be led by the UN ambassador and former envoy to Pakistan, the Pakistan is all geared to raise the Kashmir issue and human rights violation in J&K, the delegation will be led by the country's Foreign Minister- Shah Mahmood Qureshi. 

A secretary level official from India will be leading the delegation, who would be assisted by Rajiv Kumar Chander, the India's ambassador to the United Nations and Ajay Bisaria, the Indian envoy to Pakistan before Islamabad blew up the bilateral relations expelled him on August 5. India will focus not only on countering Pakistan's move on Kashmir issues but will also put Islamabad on test based on the human rights situation in Pakistan, violations in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, minority situation and Pakistan's move to separate Gilgit-Baltistan from PoK. 

India not only hopes to receive support from some members from European bloc like Italy, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic is also engaging nations that are not current members of UNHRC but are great influencers in the region like Norway, Belgium and Netherlands. 




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