Chandrayaan 2: Exclusive conversation between Lander Vikram & Rover Pragyan..

SUKIRTI MISHRA 06/09/2019 16:55 PM

Lucknow. 130 crore Indians will have their eyes glued to television sets so as to witness "Chandrayaan 2" creating history by making soft landing on the lunar surface. Tonight, Chandrayaan 2 will make its final descent on the Lunar South Pole. Covering a pre-defined path of 3,84,000 km, the lander Vikram has detached itself from the main spacecraft and been moving independently for the past 3 days. Here are the conversation highlights between Lander Vikram and Rover Pragyan during their journey towards Moon. 


Vikram: Hey Pragyan, we are about to land on that spot on the Lunar surface where no country has ever reached yet ! How much amount do you think has been invested in the entire mission? 
Pragyan: My friend, ISRO has invested Rs.978 crore in the Lunar mission. For the record, the production cost incurred on Hollywood movie "Interstellar" was more than the amount spent on "Chandrayaan 2".
Vikram: Well.. considering you have plenty of information, why don't you tell me more about Moon? 
Pragyan: Sure. Firstly, the gravity and atmosphere of Moon is totally different from Earth. The Moon's atmosphere is characterised by dust storms. Moon is also the natural satellite of Earth. Scientists say that there will soon arrive a day when humans will be residing on the Moon. 
Vikram: Why exactly are we going to Moon? 
Pragyan: We are going to get a better understanding of Moon's origin and the changes it has gone through with time. During our stay we will study about the temperature, atmosphere, elements and the chemicals present there. Our friend "Orbiter" will be helping us in our research.
Vikram: Orbiter...?? But who's he?
Pragyan: Orbiter is also accompanying us on this mission. Actually we have come so far with the help of Orbiter. He is playing the same role which Michael played in the misiion "Apollo 11." While we will land on the Moon's surface, Orbiter will simply revolve in the Moon's orbit. 
Vikram: But what function exactly will this Orbiter perform?
Pragyan: Orbiter will map the Moon's surface. His work will be to search the presence of Oxygen, Hydrogen and Water molecules. We will also pass on our information to him. 
Vikram: I have heard that I will be stationed at a single place. Is it true?
Pragyan: Absolutely. While Orbiter will revolve around the Moon, you my friend be stationed at the same place. I, on the other hand will wander across the lunar surface. I will record everything but instead of transmitting on Earth, I will pass it on to you. Your prime focus will be to convey messages among scientists, Orbiter and me. I too will not be able to wander much because my range is limited to 0.5 km and speed is limited to 1 cm per second. 
Vikram: My Goodness! Our work will surely be quite tiring. When will we return back to Earth?
Pragyan: We will never return back to Earth my dear. Moon's surface is our last stoppage. Maybe one fine day, someone from Earth will come here and will find us. 

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